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The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston’s (UTHealth) Response, Prevention Efforts, and Resources to Address Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Dating/Domestic Abuse and Violence, and Unwanted Sexual Contact.


Supportive Services

The Houston Area Women’s Center

The Houston Area Women’s Center provides services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault including counseling, shelter, and referral to community resources. In addition, the center offers violence prevention and community education. For the center contact (713) 528-6798. For 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline contact (713) 528-2121 or toll free at (800) 256-0551. For the 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline contact (713) 528-7273 or toll free at (800) 256-0661.

Confidential Resources and Reporting —

UTHealth Student Health & Counseling Services

The Student Health & Counseling Services provides integrated healthcare to all enrolled UTHealth Houston community students. Services include primary care and clinical services, health maintenance, STD testing, immunizations, lab work, pharmacy, and nutritional services. Counseling services include individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, outreach, and educational programs. The 75 Student Health Clinic is located at 6410 Fannin St. #1010. Contact (713) 500-5171 or visit the website at for information and services.

UTHealth Employee Assistance Program

The UT Health EAP program is available for employees and family members and offers a variety of services including counseling services with a licensed mental health professional, as well as counseling for employee complainants and respondents in Title IX cases. The UT EAP is available 24/7. Members can contact (713) 500-3327 or toll-free at (800) 346-3549.

Coordinated Response

STOP (Behavioral Intervention Team)

The STOP Behavioral Intervention Team for the university aims to prevent and resolve incidents of violence across campus, with an emphasis on addressing sexual harassment, stalking, dating/domestic violence, and sexual assault. This partnership includes University of Texas Police - Houston (UTP-H), Legal Affairs, Office of Employee Assistance Programs, Student Counseling, Human Resources, and the Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer. For information contact (713) 792- 7867 (713-792-STOP).

Human Resources Equal Opportunity Office (HR-EO)

The HR-EO Office is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from discrimination and harassment. Contact (713) 500-3279 or visit for information.

Title IX Office

The Title IX Office is committed to creating and maintaining an academic environment that is free from all forms of discrimination, including sex discrimination, sexual harassment (including sexual violence), and sexual misconduct. Visit for information.

Institutional Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is tasked with oversight responsibility with regard to all Title IX matters. Contact Eric Solberg at (713) 500-3596 or email for information.

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator is responsible for handling complaints or other reporting duties. Contact Ms. Deana Moylan at (713) 500-3279 or email for information.

UT Police - Houston(UTP-H)

The University of Texas Police at Houston (UTP-H) is dedicated to the protection and service of all persons within the UT Health Houston community, while protecting the resources of the university. For emergencies call 911. For non-emergencies contact (713) 792-2890. For students who wish to report sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, or stalking to UTP-H call (713) 792-STOP. Visit for information.

Threat Management Unit

Serving as the investigative component of our Behavioral Intervention/STOP Team (STOP), the Threat Management Unit (TMU) scans the environment to identify incidents and behaviors, linked to aggression and violence. Rather than waiting for disruptive, aggressive, or suicidal expressions to erupt into a violent event, TMU works proactively with the STOP to design, implement, and monitor intervention strategies. This collaborative approach has yielded positive results in hundreds of cases with the highest priority given to behaviors linked to stalking, harassment, domestic violence, suicidal ideation, and mental health concerns.


Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Equal Opportunity Policy

Visit for the policy and information.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Visit for the policy and information.

UTHealth Handbook of Operating Procedures

Visit for the policy and information.

Professional Training

Training for Employees —

EEO and Sexual Misconduct Online Compliance Training

This annual compliance training is mandatory for all new employees and current employees, and includes modules on equal employment opportunity (EEO) and sexual misconduct policies (HOOP Policy #183 and Policy #59). Accessed online through Learn2Succeed. Sponsored by UT Health Human Resources and the Office of Learning and Development. Contact Human Resources at (713) 500-3130 or visit for information.

Training for Residents —

Title IX Training

Title IX training is provided to all new residents (resident physicians and clinical fellows) annually at the Medical School as they begin their summer training. This training is delivered by the McGovern Medical School Graduate Medical Education Office. Policies are also included in the Resident Handbook which is jointly reviewed and revised as needed by the EVP/ CAO Office and the McGovern Medical School Graduate Medical Education Office.

Training for Students —

Title IX Training

Title IX training is provided to all enrolled students at the beginning of each semester during new student orientation, including notification of Title IX policies and procedures (HOOP Policy 59 - Sexual Misconduct). Sponsored jointly by the Office of the Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Office and Equal Opportunity Office.

Campus Clarity Online Graduate/ Professional Title IX Training

This mandatory online training on Title IX and sexual assault prevention is provided annually to all currently enrolled students.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

This 12-hour safety awareness course is given by certified instructors associated with The University of Texas Police at Houston (UTP-H). A lecture, discussion, and demonstration of hands on self-defense practices are provided to help individuals feel confident in their ability to avoid and fend off attackers. Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

Awareness, Prevention, and Educational Efforts

Student InterCouncil (SIC)

The Student InterCouncil (SIC) is the UTHealth student governance organization with representatives from each of the six schools and from under-represented student constituencies. SIC sponsors many Title IX trainings and publishes a newsletter. Visit for information.

Title IX Reporting & Investigation of Complaints

The Title IX Office provides training on HOOP Policy 59 – Sexual Misconduct to the university community including faculty, staff, student workers, students, vendors, contractors, and consultants as requested or needed.

Domestic Violence Awareness

This one-hour UT Police at Houston (UTP-H) safety awareness course familiarizes attendees with Texas laws associated with family violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Guidance is provided on how to recognize the signs of intimate partner violence and to understand the significance of early action and reporting options. Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

General Campus Safety Awareness

This one-hour UT Police at Houston (UTP-H) safety awareness course provides general safety tips on how to be safe, how to minimize risk of being a potential target, and available resources. Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

Violence Against Women

This one-hour UT Police at Houston (UTP-H) safety awareness course provides an overview of gender-based violence (e.g. intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sexual harassment), as well as information on how to respond. Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

Violence in the Workplace

This one-hour UT Police at Houston safety awareness course provides guidance on identifying and addressing behaviors of concern and courses of action when in the workplace. The course motto is “Awareness plus action equals prevention.” Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

Verbal Defense and Influence

This four-hour UT Police at Houston (UTP-H) safety awareness course teaches the individual to defend and deflect words with proven strategies that can turn a heated conversation to their advantage and keep tension to a minimum. Contact UTP-H email at or by calling 713-563-7794.

I.M. UT Crisis Hotline

I.M. UT hotline is part of a campus-wide program to support staff and student mental health, wellness, and safety. This hotline provides trained mental health professionals to help with assessment, referrals, intervention, and crisis management. This program is promoted at new student orientation and through rotating trainings throughout the school year. Free of charge and available 24/7. Contact (713) 500-IMUT (4688).

School of Public Health (SPH) Campus Climate Survey

Launched in the fall of 2014 as a pilot and repeated in 2016, this climate survey was developed to understand students’ perceptions and experience, including issues of diversity, classroom climate, professionalism, personal safety, student services, and issues related to Title IX.

UTHealth Student Perception Survey

This survey is conducted every three years to assess students’ perceptions on a range of student services across the UTHealth campus and includes regional SPH campuses. This survey is developed and implemented with input from the Student InterCouncil (SIC), UTHealth’s student governance organization, and facilitated by the Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs. The next survey is scheduled for 2017 and will include more questions related to Title IX and related services.