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Texas Credentials for the Future

In March 2021, UT System launched Texas Credentials for the Future, an effort focused on microcredentials that can quickly arm learners with the skills, knowledge, and competencies most valued by employers.

Some of the workforce trends underway require us to think differently about the role of higher education. For example:

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There are growing persistent skills gaps—that is, there is a mismatch
between the skills needed by employers and the ones job applicants possess.

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Demand continues to outpace supply for employees in future-critical fields like
cybersecurity, technology, health care and business.

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Today’s workers will need to refresh their skillsets regularly to stay relevant in the
rapidly evolving workforce and skills marketplace.


In response, University of Texas institutions are ready to focus efforts beyond traditional degree programs, and expand our educational offerings to include more employer-initiated and validated microcredential programs that quickly arm learners with future-ready skills and employability.