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The 2015 UT BRAIN seed grant program was designed to foster new collaborations in the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology with investigators of diverse disciplines.  Applications from individuals not ordinarily associated with brain research, or teams that cross boundaries, forming interdisciplinary collaborations capable of bringing new techniques and untested ideas are particularly encouraged.  Accordingly, applicants might consider applications that integrate expertise, including but not limited to biological, chemical and physical sciences, engineering, computational modeling and statistics. 

The UT BRAIN seed grant program awarded up to $5 million in 2015 to fund inter- and intra-institutional collaborative research projects proposing new technologies and novel approaches, techniques, and concepts in the earliest stages of development, that have the potential for significant impact on neuroscience. 

Below is a list of UT System researchers were awarded funds through the NIH BRAIN Initiative®. In addition, you can read an executive summary of the UT Brain Initiative here.

  University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Anion channelrhodopsin-based viral tools to manipulate brain networks in behaving animals
Investigator:  DRAGOI, VALENTIN (contact)   JANZ, ROGER   SPUDICH, JOHN LEE   
red orange yellow green        RFA-MH-15-225    Reporter


University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston


Learning spatio-temporal statistics from the environment in recurrent networks
Investigator:  SHOUVAL, HAREL ZEEV (Contact)   BRUNEL, NICOLAS      
    lblue purple      EB-15-006    Reporter


University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston


A unified cognitive network model of language
Investigator:  TANDON, NITIN (contact)   CRONE, NATHAN E      
  yellow green  purple dblue     NS-16-008    Reporter



  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


All-Optical Methods for Studying Sequential Motor Behaviors
Investigator:  ROBERTS, TODD F         
  yellow green lblue       MH-16-725    Reporter


University of Texas, Austin


Imaging adult-born neurons in action using head-mounted minimicroscopes
Investigator:  DREW, MICHAEL R         
  yellow green lblue       MH-16-725    Reporter



University of Texas, Austin


Neural ensembles underlying natural tracking behavior
Investigator:  PRIEBE, NICHOLAS J. (contact)   FIETE, ILA R.   HUK, ALEXANDER C   
red orange yellow green lblue purple      RFA-NS-15-005    Reporter


 University of Texas, Austin


An optical-genetic toolbox for reading and writing neural population codes in functional maps
  yellow green        NS-16-007    Reporter


 University of Texas, Austin


A viral system for light-dependent trapping of activated neurons
Investigator:  ZEMELMAN, BORIS V (contact)   DREW, MICHAEL R   MARTIN, STEPHEN   
  yellow green        RFA-EY-15-001    Reporter



 University of Texas, Austin


A robust ionotropic activator for brain-wide manipulation of neuronal function
Investigator:  ELLINGTON, ANDREW D (contact)   ZEMELMAN, BORIS V      
  yellow green        RFA-EY-15-001    Reporter