Office of Technology and Information Services (OTIS)


The mission of OTIS is to:

  • Support UT System Administration staff and functions by providing proactive, customer focused information management and technology services and ensuring a secure technology infrastructure.
  • Coordinate compliance with State and Federal legislation and University of Texas policy related to electronic and information resources across UT System Administration information technology teams. This includes security, risk assessment, disaster recovery, accessibility and reporting. 

To view more information about OTIS services, tour our SharePoint site:

OTIS Service Areas and Important Information:

Support Services

The Office of Technology and Information Services provides computing hardware and software assistance for U. T. System Administration employees. To schedule or request assistance, call Support (help desk) at extension 4357 (help) or send email to HELP.

Contacting the OTIS Help Desk
Dial: HELP (extension 4357) or (512) 499-4357.
Send an E-Mail to: Help Desk.
Instant Message: Grp-help
Helpdesk Hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm.

To create a help desk support ticket email:


The Collaborations group handles all requests involving collaborative tools or services such as web servers, meetings, videoconferences, list serves or Sharepoint.

Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure  

The network Infrastructure team is responsible for the support, design build, maintenance, management, and upgrade of the I.T. infrastructure at System Administration.  Some of the network services available to you:

 Records and Document Management

The State requires each agency to submit a list of their records, how long they are kept, and their final end (disposition).  Departmental records are identified on the Record Retention Schedule.  Every employee has a responsibility to manage records no matter what the media.  More information:

 Business Applications and Consulting

Most departments rely in some way on database applications or other technology to make their business processes more efficient. These may be small Access databases used by a few people or large complex applications that support other campuses.  OTIS supports a variety of off-the-shelf products and application developers are available to assist with custom application deployment.

Information about Mission Critical Applications:


System Administration uses the Microsoft Exchange server and Outlook client for email

  • Standard of Operation for Email
    • All User activity on U.T. System Administration Information Resources assets is subject to logging and review.
    • The default mailbox size is 500 Mb.  If requested by the Department Head the limit can be decreased to 100 Mb to encourage good records controls or increased to 1 Gb to support a particular business use that is best served in email.
    • Emergency mailbox size increases can be done by the Help Desk by written or verbal request of the individual.  The size increase will be temporary, lasting not longer than five business days, and the Department Head or their delegate will be notified.
    • SharePoint, FileNet or Worksite (other document repositories) can be used to store email. 
  • Email Management Presentation

OTIS maintains and deploys FileNet Content Services document management software. Scanning paper documents may still have a role in document management. However, it is only a small part of the complete world of document management.  FileNet is the main  document repository for long-term records.  The Office of General Counsel uses a similar product for the legal community called Worksite.


SharePoint is the Collaboration Center and Intranet for UT System Administration.  It also serves as a place for UT System Administration offices to interface more easily with the components of UT System in a safe and secure document environment.

SharePoint Hierarchy:

  • My Sites - Personal sites for employees
  • The Commons - General information for every employee
  • Communities - Focus Groups and Communities of interest - Collaboration Sites
  • Department - Information Departments want to share with other departments. 
    • A sub-site of the Department site is the Department Internal site where information only appropriate for department members is shared

For questions about information provided by the Office of Technology and Information Services (OTIS) included in this orientation, please contact Paula Miner at or 512-499-4597.