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Rule 40306: Summer Enrollment Plan

Rule 40306: Summer Enrollment Plan


40000: Academic Issues
Who should know: 
Responsible Offices: 
Academic Affairs
Health Affairs
Date Approved: 
December 10, 2004
Date Last Amended: 
December 10, 2004

Sec. 1 Applicability. 

This rule applies only to The University of Texas at Austin. Summer enrollment is covered for other institutions under the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 40302, which pertains to provisional admission. 

Sec. 2 Background. 

To better control overall student enrollment while admitting quality students, the Board of Regents approved a Summer Enrollment Plan for U. T. Austin. The Plan, effective Summer 2001, is designed to yield approximately 600 regularly admitted students, as set out below. The top students who are not offered regular Fall Admission would be offered the Summer Enrollment Plan. The revised Program will be evaluated at the end of the third year.

Sec. 3 Program. 

Students will enroll in typical first-semester freshman courses and be held to the same GPA requirements placed on students entering in the fall. 



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