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Rule 50201: Student Advisory Council

Rule 50201: Student Advisory Council


50000: Student Issues
Who should know: 
Responsible Offices: 
Academic Affairs
Health Affairs
Date Approved: 
December 10, 2004
Date Last Amended: 
January 14, 2015

Sec. 1 Formation of Council. 

A Student Advisory Council represents institutions in the U. T. System to facilitate the flow of ideas and information between and among the Board of Regents, the System Administration, and the institutions of the System. The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or his or her designee serves as System liaison to the Council. Representatives of the Student Advisory Council are encouraged to address the Board of Regents at meetings of the Board, including meetings of the Standing Committees, and may recommend action to the Board through the Chancellor. At least once each year, a meeting will be arranged between the Student Advisory Council Executive Committee and the Board of Regents.



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Editorial amendments made January 14, 2015
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