Friday, May 17, 2013

Gene Powell and Francisco Cigarroa on the passage of Senate Bill 24

Gene Powell and Francisco Cigarroa on the passage of Senate Bill 24
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“One of Texas’ most important regions will soon have a new university of the 21st Century with a global mission serving 30,000 students, as well as a medical school with associated residency programs. This new university will be the second-largest Hispanic-serving institution in America in terms of enrollment. It will also be eligible for Permanent University Funds previously unavailable to UT Brownsville or UT Pan American. The University of Texas System is fully committed to bringing this new university to fruition, which will include a school of medicine, and we are profoundly grateful to Governor Perry, the Texas Legislature, the UT Board of Regents and the entire Rio Grande Valley community for their support and for entrusting the UT System with this special responsibility and privilege. This new university will transform the Rio Grande Valley, create jobs, enhance the economic vibrancy of South Texas and improve the health of Texans.”

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