Texas Regional CTSA Consortium (TRCC)

Texas Regional CTSA Consortium (TRCC)
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Multi-site Clinical Trials

TRCC Clinical Trials Network Roadmap (.pdf)

The Texas CTSA Consortium (TRCC) is a regional consortium of the national Clinical and Translational Science Awards program. The goal of the Texas CTSA Consortium is to facilitate clinical and translational research and dissemination among the Texas CTSA institutions and other interested Texas and national biomedical research institutions.

The Texas CTSAs are:

Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences ( Houston ) Phone: 713-500-7900 Email: ccts@uth.tmc.edu

The UT Southwestern Center for Translational Medicine ( Dallas ) Phone: 214-648-2500 Email: UT-STAR@utsouthwestern.edu

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science ( San Antonio ) Phone: 210-562-4467 Email: iims@uthscsa.edu

UTMB Institute for Translational Sciences ( Galveston ) Phone: 409-747-CTSA (2872) Email: CTSA@utmb.edu

TRCC Mission Statement
The Texas Regional CTSA Consortium is a collaborative research network and training program to advance innovative standards and practices in translational science across Texas for the improvement of human health.

Strategic Goals

  • Work with the people of Texas to determine health priorities, foster community involvement, trust and participation in research, and implement best practices that improve health.

  • Encourage, support, conduct, and evaluate clinical and translational research across the state of Texas and nationally.

  • Foster the efforts of key function consortia within the TRCC and disseminate the methods for the development and implementation of their best practices to both CTSA and non-CTSA institutions.

  • Advance and improve education to enhance the clinical and translational research workforce through statewide and national collaborations.

  • Actively support the strategic goals of the National Consortium.

Adopted October 28, 2011



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