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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

UT System launches update to interactive tool for students and families

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Available online, and on your smartphone and tablet devices, seekUT provides users with a range of data by degree major that will inform students in their decision making. The comprehensive online data tool is designed to help students and their families plan their future based on a foundation of realistic expectations of potential student loan debt and post-graduation earnings.

UT System Dashboard

UT System has been a leader in accountability and transparency, and now we have taken the next step in our efforts to increase transparency; measure more effectively our productivity, efficiency, and impact; and demonstrate more clearly our accountability.

The Dashboard is a business intelligence system that includes web-based applications for extracting and analyzing institutional data. Its purpose is to provide current data, trends over time, and comparative benchmarking across a variety of metrics in support of better decision- and policy-making.

We are continually adding more data, more metrics, and more levels of drill through. We also add links to additional analysis and related external white papers as they become available. © 2016 The University of Texas System.
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