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Systemwide Compliance Academy

Systemwide Compliance Academy

The Systemwide Compliance Academy is a free webinar series that offers professional development opportunities on emerging topics and best practices in compliance. It also serves as an education and communication tool to discuss Systemwide Compliance objectives and initiatives. 

Our live webinars are presented using GoToWebinar, with CPE credit available for attendees of most live sessions. Information on how to receive credit is provided here.

All of our webinars are recorded and added to our archive within a few days of the live session, along with presentation materials. For a more specific search, use our Advanced Webinar Filter page to find webinars by title, description, date range, and topic. Archived webinars also include sessions hosted by our colleagues at the University of California Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services.

To be added to our Compliance Education mailing list and receive notices of future webinars and other training, please contact David Givens.

Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars scheduled at this time.

Recent Webinars

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Past Webinars

Webinars more than 90 days past.

11/02/2016 2016 FLSA Overtime Rule – Special University Exemptions & Planned Responses
10/11/2016 Campus Carry: Concepts, Issues, Responses
07/11/2016 Copyright and Trademark: Fair Use and Clearance
06/07/2016 University-Affiliated Charter Schools in Texas: Opportunities, Challenges, and Legal Issues
02/22/2016 Distance Education Compliance: State Authorization Reciprocity and Other Techniques
02/18/2016 The UT Rooney Rule: An Introduction to UTS187
01/27/2016 FCPA Risks Faced by Higher Education
11/18/2015 Ethics 101: What Are The Rules?
09/30/2015 The Legal Mind: Solving Problems by Looking at Disputes and Conflicts Through the Eyes of the Legal System
09/16/2015 OCR Investigations - Putting Your Best Foot Forward
08/10/2015 ARDC HIPAA Training
07/23/2015 Students in Distress: How to Share Enough Information to Help and Maintain Privacy
07/22/2015 Information Management and Governance - Iron Mountain
07/22/2015 Effective Investigation Reports: Tips to Writing it Right
07/08/2015 Digital Forensics and Security in the Workplace
06/29/2015 Ethics: The Root of Compliance
06/17/2015 OGC Referral Process - Probate and Estate Matters
05/28/2015 HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Training for System Administration Business Associates
05/20/2015 Sexual Harassment - Implementing the New OGC Policy
04/15/2015 When Things Go Wrong - Disclosure at UT System Health Institutions
03/25/2015 The Texas Public Information Act: To the Basics and Beyond
02/18/2015 Intellectual Property 101 - An IP Primer, Or, Everything You Wanted to Know About IP (But Were Afraid to Ask)
01/14/2015 FERPA for Everybody: What Institutions Need to Know about Student Privacy and the New Regent Rule on Systemwide Requirements for Protecting Education Records
12/16/2014 Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting
08/04/2014 BYOD: The Legal E-Discovery, Regulatory, IT, and HR Implications
05/28/2014 Title IX, Meet Clery. Clery, Meet Title IX. Implementing Campus SaVE
04/30/2014 Biological and Chemical Export Controls That Impact University Research: What You Need to Know
03/26/2014 2014 OIG Work Plan and 2014 CMS Focus Areas
03/21/2014 Oracle Security Solutions: Security Inside Out
02/19/2014 Dissecting the Trends in Corporate Integrity Agreements
12/04/2013 Research Compliance: The Year in Review and Special Topics
10/02/2013 Committee Governance: Leading Engaged and Effective Compliance Committees
09/11/2013 Handling a Federal Investigation
08/21/2013 Navigating Thunderstorms: Managing Risks in the Cloud
07/10/2013 Export Control Compliance Tools 2: Commodity Classification Techniques
06/27/2013 The Physician Payment Sunshine Act: The Who, What and When
06/26/2013 Emerging Healthcare Issues Part 2: How Will They Impact Hospital Reimbursement?
06/19/2013 Emerging Healthcare Issues Part 1: How Will They Impact Hospital Reimbursement?
06/12/2013 Export Control Compliance Tools 1: Restricted Party Screening
05/22/2013 Preventing Discrimination in the Employment Eligibility Verification Process
05/15/2013 Ten Things You Must Know Before Taking Your Laptop Overseas
05/09/2013 Clery Act: Briefing and Challenges for Police and CSAs
04/17/2013 IRBShare: CTSA/Vanderbilt's Shared Review Model for Multi-Site Studies
04/09/2013 Expanding Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policies to Address Unique Business Risks
03/27/2013 Medical Necessity and Short Stays
03/06/2013 Shades of Grey: Conflict of Interest both as Motivators and as Sources of Bias
01/09/2013 Cloud Computing: Export Control, Security, and Other Considerations
12/12/2012 2013 OIG Work Plan
11/28/2012 BYOD: The Apocalypse and Mobile-Device Security
05/30/2012 Anti-Kickback Statute 101
05/30/2012 Overview of Changes in Reimbursement and Coding for Molecular Pathology Testing
05/02/2012 Sponsor-Investigator Obligations in Clinical Trials
04/27/2012 Mobile Device Management
04/25/2012 Youth Safety in the UC Environment: From Policy to Practice
04/20/2012 Logging, Monitoring, and SIEM
04/18/2012 IT Accessibility Laws and Guidelines
03/28/2012 Mobile Device Information Security
03/20/2012 Resolution Agreements, Security Audits and other Enforcement Action: An Update
03/07/2012 Clinical Research Billing
02/22/2012 Evaluating Risk and Optimal Cost-Efficiencies Through Records Retention Principles
12/07/2011 2012 OIG Work Plan
11/16/2011 Federal Security Comes to Higher Education
11/07/2011 Know Thy Enemy: Fraud
10/26/2011 Export Controls
10/12/2011 Protecting Open Science: Evolving Risks and Evolving Controls at Berkeley Lab
10/05/2011 Social Media Opportunities and Risks: A Lifecycle Approach for the Enterprise
09/30/2011 Big Changes in Regulations on Financial Conflict of Interest for Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Research: The Final Rule
09/28/2011 Privacy by Design
09/21/2011 Effective Communication Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Clients
09/14/2011 Grants Compliance
08/17/2011 Preliminary Surveys: Key to an Effective Audit
08/10/2011 International Partnerships and Activities in Compliance Issues
08/03/2011 Conflicts of Interest: Effective Management Across Silos
07/27/2011 Cash: Tales from the Till
07/20/2011 Privacy and Security: Meaningful Use in Healthcare Organizations
07/13/2011 Recent Legal Developments in Academic Research and Clinical Trials
07/11/2011 Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview
06/29/2011 Construction Audits: Where is the Value Added?
06/22/2011 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Compliance
06/13/2011 Building the Structure for Compliance: Best Practices for Institutional Policies
06/08/2011 Recent Changes to Graduate Medical Education Payments
05/25/2011 Emerging Trends in Privacy and Information Security
05/18/2011 Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness
05/11/2011 It's a Gift: Why Can't I Buy Turbo Tax?
05/09/2011 How ER Physicians Think: Tips for Billing and Compliance Pros
05/04/2011 Emerging Trends in Research
04/27/2011 IT for Non-IT Auditors: How to Speak "Information Technology-ese" 101
04/21/2011 Pain Management Procedure Coding
04/13/2011 Attorney-Client Privilege and Its Application
04/11/2011 ICD-10 Implementation
03/21/2011 Medicare's Medical Review Program
03/09/2011 The Data Owner's Role in Information Security
12/09/2010 2011 CPT Changes Highlights
12/08/2010 Anesthesiology and Pain Management
12/01/2010 Organizational Ethics in a University: Practicing What We Teach
11/17/2010 Hospital Criteria for E/M Coding Under OPPS: A Case Study
11/08/2010 Current Trends in Prosthetic and Orthotic Management
10/13/2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
10/07/2010 Oncology Coding Basics
09/30/2010 Compliance Monitoring Tools in Higher Education: Development and Implementation
09/23/2010 Hospital Outpatient Coding and Billing Webinar Series Module 4: Hospital Operational Issues and Compliance Programs
09/21/2010 Hospital Outpatient Coding and Billing Webinar Series Module 3: An Introduction to the UB-04 (CMS 1450)
09/20/2010 Delirium or Dementia?
09/16/2010 Hospital Outpatient Coding and Billing Webinar Series Module 2: The Fundamentals of Medicare's Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS)
09/09/2010 Hospital Outpatient Coding and Billing Webinar Series Module 1: The Fundamentals of Medicare's Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS)
09/08/2010 Dermatology Coding
08/31/2010 Clery Act Part 3: The Nuts and Bolts of the Clery Act
08/30/2010 Clery Act Part 2: Stop Look, and Listen: Fulfilling Your Campus Safety Responsibilities Under the Clery Act
08/30/2010 Clery Act Part 1: The View from 30,000 Feet and From the Ground
08/02/2010 Risk Diverse Environments: Prioritizing the Priorities
07/26/2010 Interventional Radiology
07/14/2010 Update on Evaluation and Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis
06/30/2010 Institutional Risk Management: Athletics
06/21/2010 Liver Transplantation
06/09/2010 Coding Principles for Breast Reconstruction
05/19/2010 Infusions and Injections Coding
05/17/2010 The Spine: Inconsistencies and Complexity
05/12/2010 Computed Tomography (CT) Body Imaging
04/20/2010 Skin Cancer
04/14/2010 Diagnosis and Treatment of Oncologic Emergencies
03/30/2010 UT System Information Security Compliance Reporting
03/15/2010 Viral Hepatitis
03/05/2010 Coding From the Operative Report
02/25/2010 Interventional Cardiovascular Coding Part 2
01/19/2010 Cloud Computing
01/14/2010 Consultations in 2010
12/08/2009 Compliance Investigations
12/07/2009 Highlights of the 2010 CPT Changes
11/10/2009 False Claims Act
09/23/2009 Export Controls Part 2: Export Controls Committee Update
09/09/2009 Export Controls Part 1: The Essentials of Export Controls
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