Systemwide Information Security Compliance Program


Welcome to the Systemwide Information Security Compliance Program. Our mission is to support The University of Texas System and the Board of Regents in the pursuit of excellence in education, research and service by providing leadership and oversight to ensure that each UT System institution establishes and maintains an information security program that reduces risk and secures its information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage, or loss.



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UT Institution Information Security Web sites

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ISO Links

Security Incident Reporting Tool

Security Incident Reporting Toolkit

Infomation Owner's Guide to Data Protection (Word)

Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Provider Consensus Assesments Initiative Questionnaire (Excel)

ISPI Scoring Form (Word)

UTS 165 - Information Resources Use and Security Policy

Security Practices Bulletin 1

Security Practices Bulletin 2

CISO Sharepoint (login required)

CISO Reference Manual (login required)


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