Business Affairs

Business Affairs
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Business Affairs Division Success Factors

Our success will be determined by our ability to:

  • Serve the campuses and facilitate the delivery of their mission
  • Preserve the public trust
  • Create synergies with and among the campuses
  • Challenge, support and recognize our employees.
    Business Affairs Division Values

    If we give people the right information, they will do the right things.
    Our success is based on the support of others, collaboration is critical.

    Integrity and Fairness
    We aim to be consistent and honest.
    When in doubt, be fair.

    Diligence and Responsibility
    We will expend the time and energy needed to get the task done.

    Focus on Results
    In the end we will be judged less on our effort and more on what we achieve.

    Encouragement of Creativity & Flexibility & Tolerance for Risk
    To try something and succeed is obviously best.
    To try something and fail (with the right intent and within reason) is the next best alternative.
    Not to try at all is the only unacceptable action.

    Service and Value to our Customers
    We should ALWAYS be courteous, responsive, capable and timely.
    If it doesn’t add value, we shouldn’t do it.

    “O”versight Look to do LESS of this (where appropriate)

    “R”esources Look to do MORE of this
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