General Counsel's Office

General Counsel's Office
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Name and Titlesort icon Contact Information Administrative Staff
Cyanna Carson
Senior Legal Administrative Associate
(512) 499-4504
Carrie Clark
General Counsel of University Lands
email: Carrie Clark
Steve Collins
Associate Vice Chancellor For Governmental Relations & Special Counsel
(512) 499-4679
Carolyn Faulkner
Assistant to the Executive Officer & Office Manager
(512) 499-4468
Jason King
Assistant General Counsel, Legal Expert & Deputy Ethics Advisor
Alice Marcee
General Counsel, Associate Expert, Office of Health Affairs
(512) 852-3252
Alan Marks
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Athletics Counsel
(512) 322-3770
Daniel H. Sharphorn
Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
(512) 499-4462
Dan Sharphorn
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