Training At-A-Glance

Training At-A-Glance
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OGC is pleased to conduct training upon request. Please contact the attorney indicated for a training class on the following topics:

  • Clery Act - Omar Syed
  • Consideration of Race in Admissions - Omar Syed
  • Contracting Processes - Dana Hollingsworth
  • Current Issues in Natural Gas Procurement - Dana Hollingsworth
  • E-Discovery and Litigation Holds - Omar Syed
  • Hearing Officer Training for Student Discipline Hearings - Priscilla Lozano
  • Hearing Officer Training for Classified Employee Hearings - Omar Syed
  • Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, Publication, Indemnification, Checklists - BethLynn Maxwell
  • Privacy Issues, including FERPA adn HIPAA - Barbara Holthaus
  • Sexual Harassment - Omar Syed
  • Tribunal/Panel Training for Faculty Members Appointed to Preside over Institutional Tenure Denial and Tenure Termination Hearings - Omar Syed
  • Texas Public Information Act - Ana Vieira

Training Presentations

Contract Presentations
Intellectual Property Presentations
Privacy Issues
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