Rule 20206: Intercollegiate Athletics

Sec. 1 Board Oversight.

The Board provides oversight and broad policy guidelines for the budget, operation activities, and intercollegiate athletics program in a manner consistent with the operation of other units of the U. T. System.

Sec. 2 Delegation of Authority.

The president of the institution is assigned ultimate responsibility and authority for the operation, fiscal integrity, and personnel of the institution’s athletics program, including appointment and supervision of the athletics director(s). Each president is also responsible for ensuring that the institution’s athletics program is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and that the mission, values, and goals of the athletics program are compatible with those of the institution.



Amended Log

Editorial amendment to Number 6 made July 13, 2015
Editorial amendment to Number 5 made September 10, 2012
May 13, 2010