Rule 30102: General Appointment Information



30000: Personnel

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Office of Human Resources

1.  Title

General Appointment Information 

2.  Rule and Regulation

Sec.1  Appointment of Employees.  The Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the Chancellor, shall elect or appoint, as the case may be, all of the employees of The University of Texas System and agents of the System and, subject to State and federal laws, shall assign the duties, rights, and privileges of each employee or each class or group of employees; provided, however, that the Board of Regents may delegate to the Chancellor, and the Chancellor, through the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor, may delegate to the presidents of the institutions, authority to appoint employees in certain designated classes or categories.

Sec. 2  Best Interest.  All appointments shall be on the basis of merit and shall comply with the provisions of Texas Education Code Section 51.948, which requires that any agreement with higher education administrators be executed only after a finding that the agreement is in the best interest of the U. T. System or any of the institutions. Authority to make such findings is delegated to the president or chief business officer of the institution and to the Chancellor for employees not covered by Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 10501, Section 3.4.

Sec. 3  As provided in the Texas Constitution Article I, Section 4, and by statute, no religious qualification shall be required for appointment to any position.

3.  Definitions

Agents of the System – An agent is one who is authorized by another, the principal, to transact some business or manage some affair for the principal, and to render the principal an accounting of the transaction.

4.  Relevant Federal and State Statutes 

Texas Constitution Article I, Section 4 – Religious Tests 
Texas Education Code Section 65.38 – Nonsectarian; Powers and Duties of Board 
Texas Education Code Section 51.943 – Renewal of Faculty Employment Contracts 

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Office of Human Resources 

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