Rule 30107: Veteran's Employment Preferences

Sec. 1 Preference in Employment.

As authorized in Chapter 657 of the Texas Government Code, an individual who qualifies for a veteran’s preference is entitled to a preference in State employment over other applicants for the same position who do not have greater qualifications.

Sec. 2 Complaint Regarding Employment Decision.

Chapter 657 of the Texas Government Code provides that an individual entitled to a veteran’s employment preference who is aggrieved by a decision of a State agency or institution, relating to hiring or to retention of the individual in the event of a workforce reduction, may appeal the decision by filing a complaint with the governing body of the agency.

Sec. 3 Delegation.

The Board delegates to the Chief Administrative Officer of each U. T. System institution the authority to review all such written complaints and to respond within 15 business days of receipt. The Chief Administrative Officer shall review complaints promptly and may render a different employment decision if it is determined that the veteran’s preference was not applied. The decision of the Chief Administrative Officer shall be final.


Chief Administrative Officer – The Chancellor of the U. T. System and the presidents of each of the institutions of the U. T. System.

Amended Log

November 9, 2007