Rule 31005: Faculty or Staff Absence

Sec. 1 Statutory Requirement. 

In accordance with Texas Education Code Section 51.108, the Board of Regents is required to issue regulations concerning the authorized and unauthorized absence from duty of faculty members, including teaching assistants and research assistants.

Sec. 2 Required Authorization. 

Authorization for any member of a faculty or staff to be absent from his or her usual and regular duties will be granted only, with permission from the Chancellor or president of the institution or their designee, under the following conditions:


When such absence is on State business, and


When appropriate provisions are made to carry on the duties of the absent person without additional expense to the institution; or


In the case of military leave, not to exceed 15 working days each year.

Sec. 3 Institutional Regulations. 

Permission to be absent from usual and regular duties shall be obtained as prescribed in institutional regulations. 



Amended Log

December 10, 2004