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1.  Title

Coordinated Admission Program 

2.  Rule and Regulation

Sec. 1  Program.   Under the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP), a Texas resident high school graduate applying for freshman admission who is not offered regular admission to The University of Texas at Austin is given the opportunity to attend one of the other University of Texas System general academic institutions cooperating in the program to complete certain minimum requirements during the freshman year.

Sec. 2  Requirements.   Requirements for freshman applicants are:

2.1  Grade Point Average.   The minimum grade point average requirement for the prescribed 30 semester credit hours of course work is 3.2.

2.2  Mathematics Course.   A mathematics course beyond Math 301 (college algebra) is required as part of the prescribed 30 semester credit hours of course work.

2.3  Short Semesters.   Short semester courses may not be counted in the prescribed 30 semester credit hours of course work.

2.4  Deadline.   Applicants offered admission into CAP must accept by a June 1 deadline.

2.5  Admission Requirements.   The U. T. institutions participating in CAP need to accept for participation only those applicants offered CAP who meet the regular minimum admission requirements of the respective institution.

Sec. 3  Transferring or Remaining.   If the student successfully completes these requirements, he or she is guaranteed the opportunity to transfer to U. T. Austin at the beginning of the sophomore year. A successful CAP student also may elect to remain at the campus at which he or she completed the freshman year. A CAP student who does not successfully complete the minimum requirements for guaranteed transfer to U. T. Austin may remain at the freshman-year campus if he or she is in good academic standing.

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Texas Education Code Section 51.352 – Responsibility of Governing Boards  

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Office of Academic Affairs 
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