Rule 40701: Medical and Hospital Services

Sec. 1 Compensation for Service. 

With exceptions as outlined below, no health care services shall be provided by any institution of The University of Texas System to any person without compensation or reimbursement to the U. T. System. In the case of health care facilities operated by the U. T. System, which under the law are open to the general public, free or partly free health care services may be rendered to persons who are indigent and who are able to offer proof that they are not financially able to pay either all or any part of their health care expenses. In the case of health care services provided by faculty of a general academic institution in the conduct of an educational program, persons receiving such services need not be charged for such services.

Sec. 2 Acceptance of Patients. 

Health institutions may accept patients for acute or continuing, or both, care without referral by another physician or agency. The patients are accepted for total and continuing care including the obligation to obtain the services of other physicians when indicated. 



Amended Log

December 10, 2004