Rule 40901: Charter Schools

Sec. 1 Conditions for Starting a Charter School. 

Upon a finding by the Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor, and the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs that a proposed application to operate a charter school as authorized by Texas Education Code, Chapter 12 meets requirements of State law and furthers the institutional mission, an institution may apply to the State Board of Education to operate a charter school. Charter school operations will adhere to all applicable provisions of State law including the Texas Public Information Act.

Sec. 2 Oversight. 

The oversight and supervision of charter schools is delegated to the appropriate institutional president.

Sec. 3 Advisory Council. 

A board or council may be appointed by the president to advise him or her on operation of the charter school. The board or council will comply with all provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act applicable to the Board of Regents.



Amended Log

February 9, 2017
Editorial amendment to Sec. 1 made July 13, 2015
Editorial amendment to Sec. 2 made November 3, 2009
December 10, 2004