Rule 80111: Smoke Free or Tobacco Free Policies



80000: Facilities

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Office(s) Responsible for Rule

Office of the Board of Regents

1.  Title

Smoke Free or Tobacco Free Policies

2.  Rule and Regulation

Sec. 1  Policies.   The institutions of the U. T. System and System Administration may adopt smoke free or tobacco free policies. Such policies shall be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel and shall be consistent with State law.

Sec. 2  Tobacco Use Cessation Services.   The U. T. System and U. T. System institutions may provide employees with tobacco use cessation services or make referrals to such services.

Sec. 3  Prohibition of Tobacco Sales.   Tobacco sales are prohibited on U. T. System campuses or at University-sponsored events.

3.  Definitions


4.  Relevant Federal and State Statutes 

Texas Penal Code Section 48.01 – Smoking Tobacco

5.  Relevant System Policies, Procedures, and Forms 


6.  Who Should Know 


7.  System Administration Office(s) Responsible for Rule 

Office of the Board of Regents

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