Statements regarding Dr. Vistasp Karbhari

Dr. Robert E. Witt, chancellor of The University of Alabama System and former president of The University of Texas at Arlington:

"Dr. Vistasp Karbhari is a very skilled and experienced administrator. During his time at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, he has exhibited outstanding judgment and he has my complete confidence. I will regret his loss to The University of Alabama System if Dr. Karbhari is named the next president of UT Arlington, but given that UT Arlington is my former school, I could not be more pleased that the future of UTA is in Dr. Karbhari’s hands."

James D. Spaniolo, president of The University of Texas at Arlington:

"I've had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vistasp Karbhari and spending time with him. We look forward to welcoming him to Arlington for his campus visits very soon and to introducing him to our students, faculty, staff and other members of our University community. Everyone is eager to meet him and welcome him to Arlington."

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