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3.2 Contract Processing Checklist

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The Contract Processing Checklist (Checklist) is required for submission of all contracts to the Office of Contracts and Procurement (CNP). The Checklist assures that all requirements have been addressed prior to execution of the contract. In addition, the checklist collects information about the contract which supports required Contract Transparency reporting requirements and reporting of required information to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB).


Departmental Contract Administrators (DCA) submitting routine contracts, amendments and addenda should include a Checklist with their submission. In situations where CNP has been involved directly in the development and negotiation of the contract, CNP staff may help the DCA complete the Checklist.

The Director, Contracts and Procurement is responsible for reviewing and approving each Checklist prior to execution of the contract.

The contract checklist along with the contract and other supporting documents must be submitted "single-sided" as the package will be scanned into the contract depository once fully executed. The contractor should sign the contract prior to submitting to CNP for processing.

Required Information

The contents of the Checklist will change from time to time to accommodate any legislative or UT System modifications. DCAs should use the form that is posted on the Office of Business Affairs webpage to assure that the current form is being used.

Required Information includes:

Departmental Contract Administrator (DCA) Information

  • This includes the name and contact information for the individual within the department who will serve in the role of "contract manager" for the contract

Contractor Contact Information

Contract Summary Information

  • Brief summary and purpose of the contract:
    • Incorrect/not helpful:  Amendment 1 to raise cap
    • Correct/helpful:  IT Staff Augmentation Services
  • Effective date and expiration date (including all renewals)
  • Original contract number when processing amendments and addenda
  • Maximum value of the contract
    • Value is based on contract term including all optional contract extensions
      • If the number of contract extensions is not specific (i.e. by mutual agreement, automatic renewal, etc.) the value will be based on a minimum of five (5) years
      • Checkbox to indicate "revenue sharing"
  • UT System PeopleSoft Cost Center that will be used to fund the contract

Procurement Information

  • Responsible purchasing staff
  • HUB Subcontracting Plan checkbox
  • Verification of procurement methods:
    • Approved Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)
    • RFP or RFQ information
    • Exclusive Acquisition Justification
  • Current and future FY funding amounts for contracts of $50,000 or more

Validation of Compliance with UTS 145 - Processing of Contracts

Additional Requirements:

  • Compliance with Electronic and Information Resource (EIR) requirements if applicable
  • Compliance with requirements for the purchase of software or development of software with a value of $100,000 or more
  • Validation of review and approval by the Information Security Office and/or Privacy Officer if the contract will result in the use of Confidential Data
  • Compliance with requirements for contracts with a value of $1 million or more:
    • State Agency Uniform Nepotism Disclosure Form
    • Texas Ethics Commission Form 1295
    • LBB Attestation Letter (if required)
    • Board of Regents approval or anticipated approval date (if required)
    • Determination of potential conflicts of interest or commitment and/or significant risks or issues related to the procurement or the contract
  • Contracts with value of $250,000 or greater (or any with "High Risk" factors)
    • Applies to contracts initiated beginning May 1, 2017
    • Requires Contract Risk Assessment
    • Requires Contract Monitoring Plan (See CNP 3.8 - Contract Monitoring)