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Education and Research Center at Laredo


The University of Texas Education & Research Center at Laredo is a multi-institution teaching center that supports University of Texas institutions in the delivery of academic, research, clinical and community engagement activities in Laredo and surrounding South Texas region.


The UT Education and Research Center at Laredo marks the beginning of a new era for the academic, research and clinical health care work in Webb County and the South Texas Region.

The UT Center at Laredo builds on a commitment to serve the greater region that began in 1993 when UT Health San Antonio established the Mid Rio Grande Border Area Health Education Center to serve six counties with a variety of education, research and training programs to improve health care quality and delivery.

In 1999, Senator Judith Zaffirini authored the legislation to establish the UT Health San Antonio Laredo Regional Campus. For more than 20 years, the Laredo Regional Campus educated occupational and respiratory therapists, nutritionists and dieticians, and has provided clinical rotations for dental students, collected data and promoted research.

To better serve the health care and educational needs of one of the fastest-growing regions in the state, Senator Zaffirini in 2021 authored and passed legislation that transferred management of the regional campus to the UT System to expand research and education opportunities and involvement by multiple UT institutions.

Today, the UT Center at Laredo includes two buildings, the D.D. Hachar Building, which opened in 2002, and a second building that opened in 2007.


Mission Statement 

The University of Texas Education and Research Center at Laredo hosts a premier community of faculty, researchers, and clinicians from multiple University of Texas institutions who are devoted to cultivating healthcare leaders and professionals and engaging in progressive research to improve and transform the well-being of the global society.



As a distinguished, multi-institution teaching center, The University of Texas Education and Research Center at Laredo will improve the quality of life for our global society.



Learn more about the rededication of the UT Center at Laredo.

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