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Articles and Book Chapters

Huie, Stephanie Bond. “Real Graduates. Real Earnings. Realistic Expectations.” January 2016. Impatient Optimists, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Website.  

Dr. David Troutman and Jessica Shedd. "Using State Workforce Data to Examine Postgraduation Outcomes." Book Chapter published in New Directions for Institutional Research, September 2016.

Huie, Stephanie Bond. “Knowledge is Power.” The Presidency Magazine, Spring 2015.


Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum, May 2015 (Denver) and Vertex Conference, April 2016 (Austin)

Working with UI Wage Data: Challenges and Triumphs
Jessica Shedd

American Association of Medical Colleges Symposium: Turning Big Data Into Big Results, October 2015 (Austin)

Telling a Story with Data
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie 

Educause: Using Analytics for Decision Support and Institutional Planning, October 2015 (Indianapolis)

Trends and Challenges that Influence Analytics Strategies: A System View 
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie 

Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum, May 2015 (Denver)

seekUT: Information That Makes Sense
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie 

NEAIR Annual Conference, November 2014 (Philadelphia) and AIR Forum, May 2015 (Denver)

Faculty Retention and Departure at The University of Texas System - Poster presentation
Jessica Shedd and Dr. Mehary Stafford

Striking a Balance: Visualizing Data, Communicating Information, and Creating Knowledge, July 2014

Meeting Demands for Improvements in Public System Institutional Research  - Part of the NASH Webinar Series 
Also available: PDF version of "Striking a Balance" Webinar script 
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie

Enrollment Management and Institutional Research (EMIR) Conference, February 2014 (Tokyo, Japan)

Institutional Research and Enrollment Management Practices at the University of Texas System
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie

Texas Association for Institutional Research (TAIR) Conference, February 2014 (Dallas)

Show Them the Money: How to Use Wage Records to Inform Multiple Audiences
Dr. David Troutman, Dr. Mehary Stafford, Cathy Delgado

Keeping Track of Our Students - Using StudentTracker to Track Enrollment, Transfers, and Graduation Activity at Your Campus and Beyond
Dr. David Troutman and Hengxia Zhao

Data Visualization Summit, September 2013 (Boston)

From Static Reports to Visualizations: Cultivating a Data Culture
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie, UT System and Paul Bachteal, SAS

Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Conference, May 2013 (Long Beach)

University of Texas System Productivity Dashboard: A Model for Excellence
Dr. Stephanie Bond Huie and Jennifer Whitman

From Factbook to Dashboard at The University of Texas System
Dr. Alicia Betsinger, Annette Royal, and Jennifer Whitman

Peer Selection: Methodology and Models
Drs. Alicia Betsinger, Lawrence Redlinger, and Steve Wilkerson

Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR) Conference, September 2012 (Orlando)

Update on a System-wide Approach: Improving Graduation Rates
Cathy Delgado (Research & Policy Analyst)

Literature Review

Faculty Salary Equity: A Literature Review
Office of Strategic Initiatives, July 2015