Barbara A. Shipman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

College of Sciences

UT Arlington

Barbara Shipman is an Associate Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington, in the Department of Mathematics. She has received support from the National Science Foundation and many teaching awards for her mentoring and creative work in the classroom, including the 2010 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award from The University of Texas System. Dr. Shipman completed her doctoral studies in mathematics at the University of Arizona, where she initiated the Department's student-led graduate seminar. Before coming to Texas, Dr. Shipman held a three-year position at the University of Rochester in New York. To complement her work at the interface of differential geometry and dynamical systems, Dr. Shipman enjoys rethinking foundational concepts and definitions in new and insightful ways and presenting inspiring, thought-provoking workshops and colloquia to mathematical and general audiences. She is a violinist and violist, spends active time outdoors, and enjoys learning more about plants, animals, and geology.