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Social media as part of an overall communications plan is an effective tool to tell the story of The University of Texas System’s many innovative initiatives and programs.

These guidelines are to ensure appropriate and successful use of social media by UT System staff, offices and departments representing the UT System through social platforms. The guidelines will evolve as social media evolve.

System-affiliated social media should be coordinated through the Office of External Relations and conform to specific standards in terms of branding, content and administration. Before publicly launching a social media program, please contact Digital Communications at 512.852.3267 to ensure the social media platform(s) conforms to UT System policy. 


  • UT System social media sites should be focused and limited in scope and topic, and should complement rather than replace the UT System’s central web and social resources.

    For example, UT System offices with long-running Board-approved initiatives may require their own social streams because of the need to disseminate weekly content to keep stakeholders informed of these special projects (e.g., FreshAIR, UTx, seekUT and Influuent).
  • General UT System news or UT institution news should originate from central UT System and UT institution social accounts. UT System-affiliated accounts are encouraged to retweet and share these items. UT System will also cross-promote other UT System and UT institution social streams as appropriate.

    If you are aware of UT news that would benefit from being shared through central UT System social accounts, please contact

    UT System social media accounts:


    Facebook:University of Texas System

    LinkedIn: The University of Texas System
  • UT System social media sites should not replicate (in visual identity or content) the central UT System Twitter and/or Facebook sites, or other central UT System social media platforms, to eliminate source confusion with various audiences. However, UT System-affiliated social streams should clearly include graphic elements that tie them to the UT System.
  • Design elements (logos, background, images) should be appropriate to the subject matter and consistent with the UT System’s branding guidelines, which are available here:
  • All UT System-managed social media sites should meet the System’s Web Accessibility Policy. System pages on third-party social media sites should make the best effort to follow Web accessibility guidelines. System-managed social media sites can be hosted by third parties as long as they meet Web accessibility and Information Security Office guidelines.