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ALL EMPLOYEES ACTION REQUIRED: FY2018 Parking Renewal Notice and *NEW* Opt-Out Option

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Please login to the Automated Parking System and either renew your FY2018 application OR opt-out if you don’t require a System parking permit. This will help Payroll keep track of the employees that don’t need their parking deducted.

Employees with System permits can now renew their parking agreements for FY2018. Please complete & submit your online application by Monday, July 31, 2017. If applicable, add vehicles and/or edit existing vehicle information. Then, complete the additional sections of the form for FY2018 before hitting the “submit” button. If you have any questions on filling out or editing the electronic form please contact Jennifer Hosey, x4219. If you are not able to access the system please contact the Help Desk, x4357.

New System permits will be given prior to your department moving to the new building by Facilities. These permits will not have the FY17/18 renewal sticker. Jennifer Hosey will distribute them towards the end of August. Your permit will be valid in the new garage without a sticker through mid-September. After that the guards will start issuing warnings then citations. Don’t worry about renewing your garage information; I will manually update that once we are moved. Parking rates will remain the same.

Accounting Services would like to remind you that you can update your vehicle information any time throughout the year on the Automated Parking System.

This does not include Temporary Permits. Temp permits should be renewed via email through Jennifer Hosey as they expire.