Get to Know Alexandra Lozano

Each month, Get to Know… will feature two members of UT System Administration’s talented and diverse staff as they offer insights into their lives in and out of the office. Each new edition will be published here.

Alexandra Lozano, Assistant Administrator UT Education and Research Center at Laredo, enjoys time on vacation in Mexico.

Alexandra Lozano

Assistant Administrator
UT Education and Research Center at Laredo

What are your primary job responsibilities?

I serve as a liaison between The UT Center at Laredo and the UT institutions housed at the Center — UT San Antonio, UT Health San Antonio, UTHealth Houston and UT Rio Grande Valley. I work with external agencies to promote and coordinate new and existing research and academic projects, manage our partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, coordinate student life activities, oversee our social media platforms and supervise the Dementia Care at UT Center at Laredo clinic, working closely with the clinic’s two physicians, UT Health SA’s Dr. Gabriel de Erausquin and Dr. Angelica Davila.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the feeling of helping others and solving problems. Thanks to the trust that my executive director, Adriana Nunemaker, has in me, I enjoy the flexibility of and autonomy over my work. Last but not least, I enjoy my fun and engaging work environment. My co-workers at the UT Center at Laredo are the best! And I love working with our institutional internal audit departments and exchanging insights with them.

What advice would you give someone who is new to UT System?

Show that you are eager to learn and contribute. Don't be afraid to ask questions and communicate with your manager/supervisor daily about your progress and any challenges you are facing. Enjoy the ride!

What do you do to disconnect or de-stress?

I love to travel with my husband, family and friends. I try to book a short trip at least three times a year. Travel gives me the opportunity to try new foods and experience new activities. Some of our most recent trips were to Mexico City, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta – we travel to Mexico a lot. As for upcoming vacations, Europe is on the agenda next year for sure!

Who is currently playing on your Spotify playlist?

My queen Tay-Tay all the way! And thanks to my husband, Luis Miguel's Christmas album.