The University of Texas System Health Biobank (UTSHB) Consortium

The University of Texas System Health Biobank Consortium is a collaborative effort among 8 UT Institutions to standardize and expand access to biospecimens across institutions. In order to encourage collaboration, individuals from each participating institution, including Institution Presidents, have been involved in the specification, review, and approval of the project. The UTSHB Consortium is directed by a cross-institution governing committee.

The initiative bridges the gap between researchers seeking biospecimens / related data and researchers with biospecimens / related data consented for sharing by creating a virtual biobank in which researchers identify and request biospecimens and/or related data.

Note that biospecimen storage / stewardship is NOT centralized: biospecimens are stored, maintained, and managed by their current steward. Sharing occurs only after an investigator agrees to share biospecimens and/or related data under their stewardship.

To access the UTSHB Consortium biospecimen sharing system please click here (requires UT login).

For additional information or to request access to the project documentation, please contact