Rule 20801: Travel

Sec. 1 Development of Travel Regulations.

Institutions of the U. T. System shall issue travel regulations covering authorization for travel and reimbursement for approved travel to implement applicable provisions of State law and regulations for the guidance of all personnel concerned. Following administrative approval by the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor, travel regulations will be included in the institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures.

Sec. 2 Authorization for Foreign Travel.

Authorization for foreign travel shall be transmitted through proper administrative channels to the Chancellor or the president of the institution, as applicable, or the respective officer’s designee, for advance written approval. Authorization for foreign travel by Chief Administrators must be obtained as required by Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 20205, Expenditures for Travel and Entertainment by Chief Administrators and for the Maintenance of University Residences.


Foreign Travel – travel to, in, or from a destination that is neither in the United States nor a possession of the United States.

Chief Administrator – means the Chancellor or the president at each U. T. System institution.

Amended Log

Editorial amendment to Number 5 made May 24, 2018
Editorial amendment to Number 4 made June 17, 2015
Editorial amendments made October 24, 2012
Editorial amendments to Sec. 2 and Numbers 3-5 made September 12, 2012
December 10, 2004