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A message to the UT System Community from Chancellor James B. Milliken regarding conflict in the Middle East

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Immediately upon learning of the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, staff at the UT System and our institutions worked to identify any UT students, faculty, or staff in Israel and the surrounding area, assess their situation, and arrange to evacuate them. Fortunately, we are not aware of any members of the UT community who have been physically harmed in the region. 

We are also fully committed to the safety and security of members of our campus communities here in Texas. Our university police are focused on the safety and protection of our students, faculty, and staff, and our mental health and counseling services are available to those who are suffering. UT institutions will protect free speech, but they will have no tolerance for violence, vandalism, or any activities that threaten campus safety. 

It is understood by all that longstanding and deeply polarizing political differences exist in the Middle East. It should also be understood by all that the murder, torture, and kidnapping conducted this past week by Hamas is absolute evil and fails any test of human dignity and morality. It has resulted in unspeakable tragedy and loss, which is continuing. Our hearts are broken, and our thoughts are with all those that have suffered the consequences of the terrorist attacks.