Contact Information

Office of Health Affairs

The University of Texas System
210 West 7th St.
Austin, Texas 78701-2982

(tel) 512/499-4224
(fax) 512/499-4313



Dr. Raymond S. Greenberg, Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (Biography)

Amy Shaw Thomas, Vice Chancellor and Counsel for Health Affairs

Dr. Lynda Chin, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. David L. Lakey, Chief Medical Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor

Patrick J. Francis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Leslie Carruth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Dr. Beth Lynn Maxwell, Chief Health Research Officer

Dr. James Scott Wright, Executive Director, Texas Health Education Service

Pamela Bacon, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Health Affairs

Dr. Alice Marcee, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Counsel for Academic and Health Affairs

Nagla Elerian, Director of Population Health Strategic Initiatives

Tessa Green, Project Manager Academic and Health Affairs

Robert Buckingham, Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor

Trisha Meloncon, Administrative Coordinator

Sally Skrip, Senior Administrative Associate

Terri Allen, Senior Accounting Associate

Sheila Kuschke, Senior Administrative Associate

Rosie Davila, Administrative Assistant