UT System Center for the Regulation of Science


The University of Texas System recently established a virtual Center for the Regulation of Science with the intent of supporting cross-institutional enterprises within the health institutions that lead to streamlining practices aimed at regulatory compliance with respect to basic, translational and clinical research. The desired outcome for the Center’s activity is to reduce administrative burden to health researchers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The general goals include:

  • Convene groups to better define and quantify the regulatory compliance-related burden placed on and experienced by researchers and to create a remedy framework
  • Study and forecast trends and changes in national, state and local regulation of university research
  • In collaboration with campus experts and in consultation with national experts in  regulatory science, formulate policies and methodologies that directly decrease campus regulatory compliance-related costs and burden through collaboration
  • Test novel methods that may harmonize research regulation practices across campuses in a valuable way
  • Create and operate a repository of excellence that will streamline campus regulatory review of human and animal subjects, and related areas

UT System Center for the Regulation of Science Advisory Members

For additional information about the Center please contact Dr. Patricia D. Hurn, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at phurn@utsystem.edu.