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UT System Administration purchases all kinds of things from pencils to capital construction projects.  The HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) is different for each type of procurement.  As you look at the gray menu bar to the left, HSP templates are categorized by Office of Capital Projects (OCP) or Commodities & Services.  Within each category, the HSP used is based on Delivery Method or Procurement Type.  Please choose the appropriate HSP carefully and if you have questions, please contact one of the individuals below.

For questions regarding HUB documents, contact:

Stephanie Park

Sr. HUB Coordinator - Construction Projects for UT Arlington, UT Dallas, UT Tyler and UTHSC-Tyler
Phone: 972-883-5377 / Alternate Phone: 512-499-4378 / Email:

Cynthia Booker

HUB Coordinator - Construction Projects for UTHSC-Houston, UT Rio Grande Valley, and Commodities/ Services for UT Supply Chain
Phone: 512-322-3779 / Email:

Kyle Hayes

HUB Coordinator - Construction Projects for UT Permian Basin, UT El Paso and Commodities/Services for UT System Administration
Phone: 512-322-3745 / E-mail: