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Office of Strategic Initiatives, Project Management Office 

The Office of Strategic Initiatives Project Management office (PMO) is responsible for developing project management standards to be applied to the Chancellor's Quantum Leap Initiatives and communicating progress across the University of Texas System. The PMO team works with the Quantum Leap (QL) Sponsors to complete a Concept Document for each Quantum Leap that sets the boundaries, timeline and budget. The PMO will also work with the QL Sponsors to clearly document the projects that will be delivered as part of each QL Program. Once projects are approved, the PMO works with assigned Program and Project Managers to ensure the defined standards are followed, and monitors progress against defined milestones.


Establish a Quantum Leap Project Management Office (PMO) that incorporates UT System's Operating Concept, Agile Decision Process, and Team of Teams.


Build a best in class Program and Project Management (PPM) organization and culture to successfully deliver Quantum Leap initiatives and transformational work that provides value to the state of Texas and our faculty, students, and institutions.


  • Build a system wide capability to successfully identify and complete transformational work that provides value to our institutions, faculty, and students
  • Provide centralized oversight, coordination, and reporting across all Quantum Leap projects
  • Provide project management support to UT System departmental and institution project managers working on Quantum Leap initiatives
  • Increase transparency and collaboration across UT System and Institutions by managing an enterprise project management reporting system
  • Track budgets and expenditures to ensure initiatives and projects are financially viable and sustainable
  • Provide project data and reports to ensure the right resources are allocated at the right time
  • Assist in the development, documentation and tracking of project outcomes to help project teams focus on the value of the work being performed and communicate success.
  • Ensure historical records associated with PMO tracked projects are preserved and readily accessible in order to foster an environment of continuous improvement and transparency


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