Standards of Conduct

Download the UT System Standards of Conduct Guide

To help ensure that our work is conducted in an ethical and legal manner, UT System developed a Standards of Conduct Guide that contains information, references, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding appropriate workplace conduct.

Cover of the guide, features a paired opaque image of a pillar top, and the text on the image: Stands of Conduct Guide


Each UT System institution and System Administration has implemented a hotline that provides a confidential way for employees to report instances of suspected wrongdoing in a manner that preserves anonymity and assures non-retaliation. In addition, U. T. System Policy HOP 3.5.3, Regents' Rules & Regulations Series 30602, and state law prohibit retaliation against any employee who, in good faith, reports an instance of suspected wrongdoing or participates in an investigation pertaining to allegations of wrongdoing.

Employees are encouraged to address concerns through their institution's normal administrative channels. To report suspected violations of any kind, including violations related to the ethics policy, fraud and abuse, conflicts of interest, financial reporting, internal accounting controls, or audit matters:


  1. Talk to your supervisor
  2. Contact your institution's Compliance Officer or Manager or another appropriate official
  3. Call your institution's compliance hotline (see Institutional Compliance Hotline Numbers).