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Membership Selection

The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers is an organization of faculty scholars who have established exceptional records of accomplishment as classroom teachers and mentors. Representing all eight of the academic institutions of the UT System, Academy Fellows are deeply committed to the advancement of teaching and learning, and they serve in an advisory role for the UT System leadership. This is not merely an honorific organization. Members of the Academy, individually and collectively, work to improve the quality of teaching across the UT System, promote pedagogical innovation, and facilitate educational discourses and other initiatives across the state.

Selection as an Academy Fellow is both an honor and an invitation to serve the Academy’s mission. The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers welcomes outstanding faculty to its membership each spring, and we wish to ensure that membership in the Academy reflects the diversity that exists among the faculty on our UT System institutions. 

New members to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers are selected from among recipients of the Regents Outstanding Teaching Awards (ROTA). Each of the UT System’s eight academic institutions is invited to submit the names of two nominees to the candidate pool: one (1) tenured/tenure-track nominee and one (1) non-tenure-track nominee. Nominees must be current full-time faculty. Institutional nominations must be submitted by the president or provost or their designees. We encourage institutions to include current members of the Academy on their nominating committees. Additional nominations may be submitted by current members of the Academy directly to its membership committee.

Information on the ROTA program, including a list of all recipients, may be found here


Application Materials

The following materials should be submitted in a single pdf document:

  1. ADT membership application form
  2. Nomination letter from President or Provost (or an administrator delegated authority to write such a letter, including a College Dean, Department Chair, etc.) or current ADT member
  3. Nominee's statement of interest and a narrative regarding potential contributions to the UT System Academy, keeping in mind the description of the Academy in the first paragraph above (two pages)
  4. The original Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award packet
  5. A list of significant updates/addenda since the ROTA application, especially if the ROTA was awarded two or more years ago (two pages)

The pdf document should include appropriate bookmarks for each of the nomination sections in the order listed above. The initial view in document properties should be set so that bookmarks are immediately visible when opening the document. This can be accomplished in Adobe under Properties, Initial View, and then by selecting Bookmarks Panel and Page under the dropdown list in the Navigation tab.

Nominations should be submitted via email to Mr. Weston Rose (, Program Manager in the Office of Academic Affairs. If the file is too large to submit as an attachment to an email, please include a link to a cloud storage space, such as OneDrive. Please ensure that your cloud storage hyperlink is open to anyone who accesses it. Often, Box or DropBox files are not accessible to UT System staff.

Institutions may contact Mr. Rose ( for questions regarding the nomination process. For questions regarding the materials to be submitted, please contact any of the UTSADT Fellows at your institution.

The selection process will be conducted in early spring 2023 and applicants will be notified of the Academy's decision in April 2023.

All application materials are due to Mr. Rose no later than Friday, February 17, 2023.


UTSADT Current Members & Email Contacts


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