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Winter Meeting 2022: Houston

In a tribute to COVID heroes, distinguished UT medical experts illuminated the journey of COVID-19 vaccine and treatment development and shed light on the invaluable efforts of healthcare providers in aiding patient and community recovery. Chancellor Milliken concluded the event with a heartfelt acknowledgment of all UT COVID heroes present, followed by a sensational performance by the iconic Gladys Knight.

Fall Meeting 2022: Austin

The CCEC celebrated the resumption of in-person gatherings at Austin’s Four Seasons Hotel. UT San Antonio President Taylor Eighmy and UT Austin President Jay Hartzell joined Chancellor Milliken for a dynamic conversation titled: Education, Research & Sports! Additionally, University Lands CEO Billy Murphy and UTIMCO CIO Rich Hall provided a comprehensive exploration of the Permanent University Fund, or PUF, the distinctive resource that powers the UT System.

Winter Meeting 2021: Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic relegated a second CCEC meeting to virtual format, yet its significance remained undiminished as Chancellor Milliken hosted UT MD Anderson Cancer Center President Peter Pisters. Their discussion delved into the landscape of cancer care amidst the pandemic, and highlighted MD Anderson’s pivotal role in developing 56% of all cancer drugs approved by the FDA for clinical use.

Fall Meeting 2021: UT System building 

With the pandemic finally waning, CCEC members convened both in-person at the UT System Administration building in Austin, and virtually. The spotlight was on cybersecurity, emphasized by a discussion led by Chancellor Milliken, which delved into the UT System's dedication to meeting crucial workforce demands in high-demand IT positions.

Winter Meeting 2020: UTRGV

The CCEC returned to Rio Grande Valley for the first time since the merger and creation of UTRGV. Members explored the dynamic Brownsville campus, including the Center for Border Economics, cutting-edge research on diabetes, obesity and related disorders, the Coastal Studies Laboratory and its impact on coastal and marine concerns in the Gulf of Mexico, and the exciting potential of the new UTRGV School of Medicine.

Fall meeting 2020: Virtual

This fully virtual meeting, conducted before the widespread distribution of COVID vaccines, centered on the monumental challenges confronted by UT institutions and higher education as a whole during the peak of the pandemic. Chancellor Milliken welcomed UT El Paso President Heather Wilson for a conversation about the experiences and obstacles encountered during her inaugural year as president at the West Texas campus.

Winter Meeting 2019: UT Dallas

Not just about STEM programs, UT Dallas provided the full spectrum of its educational offerings and research, including insights into the Callier Center, a global leader for treatment, training and research in communication disorders, and the Edith O’Donnell Institute, which uniquely explores the intersection between the visual arts, the sciences and technology. 

Fall Meeting 2019: UT System (Austin)

Chancellor Milliken delved into the complexities of conducting national searches to find the perfect fit for the university presidency. And members gained legislative insights from Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations Stacey Napier and learned about the UT System Police, the third-largest state law enforcement agency in Texas, from Director Michael J. Heidingsfield.

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2024 Winter – El Paso (UTEP)
2023 Fall – New York, New York (UT Austin)
2023 Winter – San Antonio, Texas (UTSA and UTHSA)
2022 Fall – Austin, Texas (UT Austin, UTSA)
2022 Winter – Houston, Texas (UT Health-Houston, MD Anderson, UTMB)
2021 Fall – Austin, Texas and Zoom (UT Austin, UTD, UTSA) 
2021 Winter – Zoom (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
2020 Fall - Zoom (UTEP)
2020 Winter – Brownsville, Texas (UTRGV)
2019 Fall – Austin, Texas 
2019 Winter – Richardson, Texas (UT Dallas)
2018 Fall – Washington, D.C.
2018 Winter – San Antonio, Texas (UTHSCSA)
2017 Fall – Beverly Hills, California
2017 Winter – Dallas, Texas (UT Southwestern)
2016 Fall – Sonoma, California
2016 Winter – Houston, Texas (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
2015 Fall – Chicago, Illinois 
2015 Winter – Fort Worth, Texas (UT Arlington)
2014 Fall – Kansas City, Kansas
2014 Winter – Galveston, Texas (UTMB)

2013 Fall – Park City, Utah
2013 Winter – Austin (UT Austin)
2012 Fall – Memphis, Tennessee
2012 Winter – San Antonio (UTSA)
2011 Fall – Beverly Hills, California
2011 Winter – Dallas, Texas (UT Southwestern)
2010 Fall – Omaha, Nebraska
2010 Winter – Houston, Texas (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
2009 Fall – Tulsa, Oklahoma
2009 Winter – San Antonio, Texas (UTHSCSA)
2008 Fall – Boulder, Colorado
2008 Winter – Corpus Christi, Texas (UT Austin, Marine Science Institute)
2007 Fall – Orlando, Florida
2007 Winter – Dallas, Texas (UT Southwestern)
2006 Fall – Omaha, Nebraska
2006 Winter – Houston, Texas (UTHSCH)
2005 Fall – Columbus, Ohio
2005 Winter – Arlington, Texas (UTA)
2004 Fall – Boulder, Colorado
2004 Winter – San Antonio, Texas (UTSA)
2003 Fall – Houston, Texas
2003 Winter - Dallas, Texas (UT Southwestern)