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Travel Guidelines: Reimbursement of Expenses

Please be sure to read and follow the guidelines below when arranging travel and requesting reimbursements related to the Faculty Advisory Council.

The Guidelines

1. To get reimbursed for travel expenses, FAC members must sign a "sign-in sheet" for each day of the meeting. Reimbursements will be processed only for the days the member signed in regardless of days attended. U.T. System only reimburses for two faculty members per meeting. The alternate is only to attend the meeting in place of a representative.

2. Requests for reimbursement may be done ONLY for regular meetings of FAC and for members presenting recommendations to the Board of Regents. Reimbursement for members of the Executive Committee come from campus accounts.

3. Requests for reimbursements for hotel, airfare, and rental cars must follow state rate guidelines. Any charges above state rates will not be reimbursed by the System office.

4. The Travel Liaison or the FAC member will be responsible for making all travel arrangements and for notifying any entity of cancellations as needed.

5. Requests for reimbursements must be submitted to and processed by your institution.

6. The System office will provide meals during FAC regular meetings ONLY. System will reimburse $20.00 per person for Thursday evening dinner.

7. If the FAC member decides to rent a car to attend a regular meeting, ONLY a small or mid-sized car with unlimited mileage is allowed. System will not reimburse for additional mileage.

Other Allowable Charges:

a) city taxes on hotel charges
b) parking charges up to $17.00 total per meeting
c) transportation to and from the airport to hotel up to $22.00 maximum. The Super Shuttle round trip is $19.50.

Expenses Not Allowed:

Travel overages, state sales tax on hotel rooms, telephone calls from the hotel rooms, movie or room service charges, or any other hotel charges above the state rate that may be added to the bill. Parking other than the hotel parking charges for two days.