ALA Task Force Report

Accelerating Momentum 

A Report of The University of Texas System Affordable Learning Accelerator (ALA) Task Force

Accelerating Momentum proposes a set of evidence-based recommendations, strategies and actions to help build capacity and momentum around no- and low-cost learning resources for students with a focus on Open Educational Resources (OER).  

Convened in 2019-2020, the Affordable Learning Accelerator Task Force surveyed the learning resources landscape across the UT System to arrive at an overarching recommendation foundational to keeping education affordable for the UT System’s 240,000 students: 

The UT System should invest in OER through commitment to a 3-year OER Momentum Strategy.  

The task force’s ten (10) additional recommendations flow from the proposed three-year OER Momentum Strategy. The recommendations: 

  • Leverage and amplify the remarkable commitment and leadership of UT institutions, most of which are already embarked on capacity-building and greater commitment to Open Educational Resources, as well as Open Education more broadly.   

  • Embrace innovation, in support of the UT System’s growing strength in online educational delivery, adaptive learning, and new-generation learning modalities and resources.   

  • Require shared responsibility and advocacy, leading to both improved and more equitable student outcomes, and higher quality learning environments.  

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Following Guidance from UT System and institutional executive leadership, four priority areas have been selected as springboards from which to act on the report findings and recommendations:

  1. Implementing best practices on OER and course materials disclosure;

  2. Incentivizing faculty knowledge of and engagement with OER in teaching;

  3. Developing a system-wide approach to how institutions work with commercial publishers on course materials and learning resources; and

  4. Identifying shared metrics that allow us to measure OER impact on ROI, student success, and other measures.