HOP 5.1.2 Carrying of Handguns on a U. T. System Administration Campus

Sec. 1 Purpose

This policy governs the carrying of Handguns on a campus of U. T. System Administration as authorized by law, including Texas Government Code Section 411.2031, also known as the “Campus Carry Law.”

Sec. 2 Principles

The University of Texas System Administration is committed to providing a safe work environment and to maintaining compliance with all applicable state laws regarding the carrying of concealed handguns.

Sec. 3 Policy Statement

This policy of U. T. System Administration is to comply with Texas and Federal laws governing the carrying of Handguns on a System Administration campus and to maintain a safe and secure work environment in which employees can focus on work with minimal distraction.

Sec. 4 Possession of a Handgun on a System Administration Campus

4.1 A person may not carry a Handgun on a System Administration campus unless the person holds a valid Handgun License.

4.2 Subject to compliance with this policy and law, a License Holder may carry a Concealed Handgun on a System Administration Campus except in an Exclusion Zone or where otherwise prohibited by state or federal law.

4.3 A License Holder is responsible for safeguarding the person’s Handgun at all time and shall take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Handgun is secured in a manner that is most likely to prevent theft, loss, damage, or misuse. 

4.4 A License Holder shall carry the person’s Handgun in a holster that completely covers the trigger and the entire trigger guard area.  The holster must have sufficient tension or grip on the Handgun to retain it in the holster even when subjected to unexpected jostling.

4.5 Except for a Handgun stored in a vehicle as permitted by state law, a License Holder shall keep the Handgun on or about their person at all times.  “On or about their person” means the Handgun (and any item such as a purse or backpack in which the Handgun is concealed) must be close at hand and within such distance that, without materially changing position, the License Holder can place a hand on it.

4.6 A License Holder shall conceal the Handgun at all times so that it is not partially or wholly visible to another person.  The only exception is that the Handgun may be momentarily visible when in transition from the License Holder’s person to storage in the License Holder’s vehicle.  

Sec. 5 Exclusion Zones

Enforcement of an Exclusion Zone requires effective notice to the License Holder.  For that purpose, an Exclusion Zone should be demarcated with legally sufficient signage. If appropriate signage is not provided, persons on the premises may instead be provided with a legally sufficient written communication. The text of such a sign or written communication is prescribed by under Texas Penal Code §30.06.

Each of the following is an Exclusion Zone:

5.1 Leased Space – Any premises leased to a third party (Lessee) by System Administration (Lessor) from which the Lessee prohibits Handguns as permitted by law. 

Any premises leased to System Administration (Lessee) by a third party (Lessor) from which the Lessor has excluded Concealed Handguns as permitted by law.

Sec. 6 Reporting

A person who observes any violation of this policy should report the violation to The U. T. System Office of the Director of Police (ODOP).  A License Holder whose Handgun is lost or stolen on a System Administration Campus shall immediately report the loss or theft to ODOP.

Sec. 7 Disciplinary Action

A System Administration employee who carries a Handgun in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action including removal, probation, suspension, dismissal, or termination.


U.T. System Administration Campus –All land and buildings owned or leased by System for use by System Administration.  The term does not include land or buildings governed by the Campus Carry rules of a U. T. System academic or health-related institution.

Concealed Handgun – A Handgun the presence of which is not openly discernible to the ordinary observation of a reasonable person.

Exclusion Zone – Premises of a System Administration Campus where a License Holder may not carry a Concealed Handgun.

Handgun – A firearm that is designed, made, or adapted to be fired with one hand.

Handgun License – A license to carry a Handgun issued under Texas Government Code Chapter 411.

License Holder – Anyone with a Handgun License.

Premises – A building or portion of a building.  The term does not include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area.