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Policy NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
UTS 101 Guidelines for Allocation of Utility Costs to Auxiliary EnterprisesController
UTS 102 Drugs and Alcohol PolicyHuman Resources
UTS 103 Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)Controller
UTS 104 Procedures for Establishing and Removing Signature Authority with the Texas Comptroller of Public AccountsController
UTS 105 Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination PolicyHuman Resources
UTS 106 Copyright Notice on Loaned Library SoftwareGeneral Counsel
UTS 107 Use of Copyrighted MaterialsGeneral Counsel
UTS 108 Affiliation Agreement PolicyAcademic Affairs, Health Affairs
UTS 111 Nondisclosure of Videoconference InformationTechnology and Information Services
UTS 112 Electronic Recording of Administrative MeetingsTechnology and Information Services
UTS 113 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Positions Requiring Commercial Driver's LicensesHuman Resources
UTS 114 Reporting Under Texas Tort Claims ActGeneral Counsel
UTS 115 Records and Information ManagementTechnology and Information Services
UTS 117 Endowment Compliance Plan Systemwide Standards and GuidelinesExternal Relations
UTS 118 Dishonest or Fraudulent ActivitiesSystemwide Compliance
UTS 119 Compliance ProgramsSystemwide Compliance
UTS 120 Spousal Travel PolicyController
UTS 122 Guidelines for Web Site SolicitationsSystemwide Information Services
UTS 124 Criminal Background ChecksHuman Resources
UTS 125 Guidance for Negotiating Research Agreements with Sponsors and Processing Research and Intellectual Property AgreementsAcademic Affairs, Health Affairs
UTS 126 Real Estate ContractsReal Estate
UTS 127 Office of Employee Benefits Administrative ManualEmployee Benefits
UTS 129 Internal Audit ActivitiesSystem Audit
UTS 130 Vending Machine ContractsGeneral Counsel
UTS 131 Protection from Retaliation for Reporting Suspected WrongdoingHuman Resources
UTS 133 Classified Pay PlanHuman Resources
UTS 134 Code of Ethics for Financial Officers and EmployeesSystemwide Compliance
UTS 135 Fire and Life Safety Real Estate, Risk Management
UTS 137 Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) ProgramHistorically Underutilized Business
UTS 138 Gift Acceptance ProceduresExternal Relations
UTS 139 Compliance with the Texas Public Information ActGeneral Counsel
UTS 140 Enhancing Major Software ProjectsBusiness Affairs
UTS 141 Employee Discount ProgramsSystemwide Compliance
UTS 142 Accounting Policies OverviewController
UTS 142.1 Policy on the Annual Financial ReportController
UTS 142.2 Policy for Accounting and Financial Reporting for Nonexchange TransactionsController
UTS 142.3 Policy on Capital Leases vs. Operating Leases for LesseesController
UTS 142.4 Policy for Construction in ProgressController
UTS 142.7 Accounting for Termination BenefitsController
UTS 142.8 Accounts Payable and Accrued ExpensesController
UTS 142.9 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Impairment of Capital Assets and Insurance RecoveriesController
UTS 142.10 Sales and Pledges of Receivables and Future Revenues and Intra-Entity Transfers of Assets and Future RevenuesController
UTS 142.11 Land and Other Real Estate Held as Investments by EndowmentsController
UTS 142.12 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pollution Remediation ObligationsController
UTS 142.13 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Intangible AssetsController
UTS 142.14 Accounting and Financial Reporting for Service Concession ArrangementsController
UTS 142.15 Certain Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs)Controller
UTS 143 Procedures for Taking Impact AssessmentsGeneral Counsel, Real Estate
UTS 144 Establishing Compensation for Highly Compensated EmployeesChancellor
UTS 145 Processing of ContractsBusiness Affairs
UTS 148 Protest Procedures Related to Procurements of Goods and ServicesBusiness Affairs, General Counsel
UTS 149 Operating Plan for Charging Rate to Fund Lump Sum Payments of Vacation and Sick LeaveController
UTS 150 Access by Persons with Disabilities to Electronic and Information Resources Procured or Developed by The University of Texas System Administration and The University of Texas System InstitutionsSystemwide Information Services
UTS 151 Workers' Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Compensation Insurance Monthly Transfer of FundsRisk Management
UTS 153 Campus Mail – Use by Faculty and Staff OrganizationsFacilities Management
UTS 155 Policies Regarding Clinical Enterprise Business OperationsAcademic Affairs, Health Affairs
UTS 156 Purchaser and Certain Contract Negotiator Training and CertificationBusiness Affairs
UTS 157 Automobile Insurance Coverage for Officers and Employees and General Requirements for the Use of VehiclesRisk Management
UTS 159 PurchasingBusiness Affairs
UTS 160 Jurisdiction of Commissioned Peace OfficersPolice
UTS 161 Environmental Review for Acquisition of Real PropertyReal Estate
UTS 162 Disposal of Unclaimed PropertyFacilities Management
UTS 164 Drug-Free University Community and Workplace PolicyHuman Resources
UTS 165 Information Resources Use and Security PolicyInformation Security
UTS 166 Cash Management and Cash Handling PolicyShared Business Operations
UTS 167 Banking Services PolicyShared Business Operations
UTS 168 Capital Expenditure PolicyFacilities Planning and Construction
UTS 169 Sustainability PracticesFacilities Planning and Construction
UTS 170 Oversight of Law Enforcement and Security for The University of Texas SystemPolice
UTS 171 Student Financial Aid Code of ConductAcademic Affairs, Health Affairs
UTS 172 Emergency ManagementRisk Management
UTS 173 Export ControlsSystemwide Compliance
UTS 174 Environmental Health and SafetyRisk Management
UTS 175 Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests and Management and Reporting of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Academic Affairs, General Counsel, Health Affairs
UTS 180 Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside ActivitiesSystemwide Compliance
UTS 181 Policy for Post Bond Issuance Federal Tax ComplianceFinance
UTS 182 Selection, Appointment, Roles and Responsibilities, Evaluation, and Training of Department Chairs at Academic InstitutionsAcademic Affairs
UTS 183 Maintenance of Education Records Subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)Systemwide Compliance
UTS 184 Consensual Relationships Human Resources
UTS 185 Injury Leave for Peace OfficersPolice, Risk Management
UTS 186 Student Health Insurance Requirements for International Students
UTS 187 Interviews of Executive Administrators and Other Senior AdministratorsChancellor
UTS 188 Legal Representation and Indemnification of U. T. System EmployeesGeneral Counsel
UTS 189 Institutional Conflicts of InterestSystemwide Compliance
UTS 190 International Travel PolicyRisk Management
UTS 191 Travel Guidance for Presidents and Their Spouses Chancellor