UTS 114 Reporting Under Texas Tort Claims Act

Sec. 1 Preliminary Report.

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) of The University of Texas System requires immediate notice of the essential details of any possible claim that may arise under the Texas Tort Claims Act (Chapter 101, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code). A link to the Preliminary Summary Report form developed for this purpose is attached under Item 5 below. As indicated by the title and explanatory caption, this form is to be used to report such summary details as are known immediately upon occurrence of any incident that may be considered to create a possible claim under the Act.

Sec. 2 Reasons for Prompt Reporting.

Prompt reporting of claims or possible claims arising under the Texas Tort Claims Act is necessary so that (1) potential legal action can be identified; (2) complete facts required for the assessment, resolution, and/or defense of such a claim can be obtained, and (3) any required third party notifications, including notice to the Attorney General’s office or any applicable insurance carriers, can be timely given.

Sec. 3 Timeline for Reporting.

A completed Preliminary Summary Report form should be forwarded to OGC with a copy to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs no later than five days after the essential details of the incident are known.

Sec. 4 Establishment of Reporting Procedures.

Reporting procedures should be established within each U. T. System institution in order that the chief business officer or a designee will be made aware immediately of any incidents that may possibly result in a tort claim and for prompt completion and submission of the Preliminary Summary Report.

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