UTS 119 Compliance Programs

Sec. 1 Purpose

Effective systemwide, System Administration, and institutional compliance programs are critical to the operation of the University of Texas System and each U. T. institution.

Sec. 2 Sentencing Guidelines

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are foundational to an effective compliance program.  However, the systemwide compliance program, System Administration and institutional compliance programs should strive to exceed these requirements in the pursuit of collaborative and effective compliance operations.

Sec. 3 Systemwide Compliance Charter

The Systemwide Compliance Charter governs the operations of the Systemwide Compliance function.  The Systemwide Executive Compliance Committee must approve the Charter and any changes to the Charter.  U. T. System Administration and each U. T. institution will comply to the fullest extent practicable to the requirements stated in the Charter.

Sec. 4 Mission Statement Required

U. T. System Administration and each institution must have an institutional compliance mission statement modeled after the Systemwide mission statement contained in the Charter.

Sec. 5 Local Control

U. T. System Administration and each institution have the authority to determine the appropriate compliance infrastructure and policies and procedures for their respective institutions.

Sec. 6 Systemwide Compliance Committee

As further specified in the Charter, the Systemwide Executive Compliance Committee provides oversight and direction for the Systemwide Compliance function.

Policy Details

Responsible Office(s)

Systemwide Compliance

Date Approved

Dates Amended or Reviewed

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