Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

Robert A. Freeman, Ph.D.

UT Pan American

"I believe one should focus on developing an effective classroom environment. This means first and foremost to come to class prepared (and on time). This requires a well-developed understanding of the desired student learning outcomes for the course and a thorough understanding of the knowledge associated with those outcomes, and the ability to present that knowledge in a number of different modes. In other words, create a knowledge-centered and learner-centered environment. Beyond those two attributes, and as professed by the National Academy sponsored study on How People Learn, strive to create a community-centered and assessment-centered environment. I try to address the community aspect by engaging students in the classroom dialog, by encouraging collaboration, and by including group assignments. The assessment aspect is tougher to deal with in light of the time required to provide immediate formative assessment. However, at a minimum one should provide immediate feedback via detailed solution keys to assignments and exams made available the moment those articles are due. Finally, never forget what it is like to be the student."