Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

Photo of Gary Gallick

Gary E. Gallick, Ph.D.

Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor

Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology-Research

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

My goal as a teacher is to communicate concepts and controversies in Cancer Biology so that students perceive the unanswered questions in the field, allowing them to evaluate for themselves the problems that need to be solved. A Ph.D. student must find an original research project, a process abetted by understanding the didactic underpinnings in the field and how to approach the challenges we have yet to understand. Teaching thus becomes a continuing endeavor inside and outside the classroom, where I guide students to learn to teach themselves, challenge themselves, and advance our knowledge beyond what my generation has accomplished. During the process of a student attaining a Ph.D. in research, I have been successful when the student becomes the teacher and I become the student.