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Photo of Christopher Brown

Christopher P. Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Early Childhood Program Area Graduate Advisor and Program Coordinator Department of Curriculum and Instruction

UT Austin

Being an effective teacher educator at UT Austin requires that I walk effectively on the two legs that define my role as an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction: the research leg and the teaching leg.

My goals as researcher center on studying how early childhood education stakeholders across a range of political and educational contexts respond to policymakers — high-stakes standards-based accountability reforms. To adjust my gait so that my teaching of undergraduates reflects my research interests, I have structured my classes so that students learn how to weave together theories about how young children develop and learn with appropriate instructional strategies that prepare culturally and linguistically diverse children for success in Texas' high-stakes early childhood classrooms. Moreover, I have intentionally designed my classes so the learning experiences that undergraduates engage in mimic what I hope they will provide their own students within their classrooms.