Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

Juan Miró, FAIA

ACSA and University of Texas Distinguished Professor; David Bruton, Jr. Centennial Professorship in Urban Design; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

School of Architecture

UT Austin

Teaching puts you in a path for constant learning. As teachers we need to be prepared and stay curious, and we are lucky that we interact with smart students and colleagues.

I believe there are some basic requirements for strong teaching in any discipline: First, teachers must know the material they are teaching, and they must know how to deliver it. Second, teachers must connect with students at a personal level, caring about them as individuals, inspiring them, and instilling in them a passion for learning. We are all learners and we can all relate to the powerful combination of being inspired by someone while learning something new. Another simple general rule that I follow: Teach by example. If you don’t want students to be late, don’t be late yourself; if you want them to feel passionately about something, show your passion; if you want them to be dedicated, show dedication.